Lịch tuyển dụng tiếp viên hàng không Qatar Airways tại Vietnam 2022

Lịch tuyển dụng tiếp viên hàng không Qatar Airways tại Vietnam 2022

HOT HOT HOT, các bạn ứng viên Việt Nam ơi, cuối cùng thì Qatar Airways đã trở lại Việt Nam. Còn chần chờ gì nữa. Careerfinder ở đây để giúp bạn đạt được ước mơ bay. Để việc ứng tuyển được suôn sẻ, các bạn làm theo hướng dẫn sau đây:

Bước 1: truy cập nhóm zalo hỗ trợ ứng viên Vietnam do Careerfinder quản lý

Link vào nhóm: https://zalo.me/g/qcczds965

Tại sao có bước này: việc ứng tuyển hãng quốc tế sẽ có nhiều quy trình mà các bạn không quen. Anh Quân (CEO – Careerfinder) sẽ đứng ra hỗ trợ các bạn ứng viên Vietnam để hoàn tất các thủ tục. Hỗ trợ các kiến thức cần thiết và đồng hành cùng ứng viên đến khi xuất cảnh.

Bước 2: Tham gia lớp Pre-Coaching

Lớp này để giúp bạn có kiến thức căn bản và cần thiết về format thi của Qatar Airways.

Link đăng ký tại: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_OraBvWZETsisOvd-bolwJw

Bước 3: Ứng tuyển tại website của Qatar Airways

Lưu ý: ứng tuyển trước ngày 15/01/2022

Link ứng tuyển tại:


Tham khảo tiêu chuẩn tuyển dụng của hãng

Tham khảo format thi của Qatar Airways

Lịch tuyển dụng tiếp viên hàng không Qatar Airways tại Vietnam 2022

Begin your journey with us.

Join our award-winning Cabin Crew team.

As the market conditions are improving and our network is growing, we are now looking to grow our Cabin Crew team, Qatar Airways’ Ambassadors to the world.

We are in search of highly motivated individuals who can deliver our legendary hospitality and world-class service. With industry-leading benefits and unparalleled training programs, you will support the Customer Experience division by creating memorable experiences for our passengers onboard.

As you work with Qatar Airways, you can take comfort knowing that you are flying with the only airline in the world that has, together with its state-of-the-art global hub Hamad International Airport, achieved four 5-Star Skytrax ratings – including the prestigious 5-Star Airline Rating, 5-Star Airport Rating, 5-Star COVID-19 Airline Safety Rating and 5-Star COVID-19 Airport Safety Rating.

We have always been a leader in the industry and have adapted since the beginning of pandemic becoming the biggest global carrier, whilst continuing to redefine our levels of safety, comfort and service throughout our onboard experience.

Start writing your own story with Qatar Airways, an airline that has never stopped flying and remained resilient throughout the pandemic.

Lịch tuyển dụng tiếp viên hàng không Qatar Airways tại Vietnam 2022


To be successful in this role, you will have the following :

Minimum age: 21 years
Minimum arm reach: 212 cm (on tip toes)
Minimum education: high school education
Fluent in written and spoken English (ability to speak another language is an asset)
Excellent health and fitness
Willingness to relocate to Doha, Qatar
Outgoing personality with good interpersonal skills and the ability to work with a multinational team
Passion for service
You will also excel in a fast-paced, team environment, demonstrating your commitment to achieving the highest possible standards of customer service and guest experience, quality and professionalism.

Be part of an extraordinary story

Your skills. Your imagination. Your ambition. Here, there are no boundaries to your potential and the impact you can make. You’ll find infinite opportunities to grow and work on the biggest, most rewarding challenges that will build your skills and experience. You have the chance to be a part of our future, and build the life you want while being part of an international community. Our best is here and still to come. To us, impossible is only a challenge. Join us as we dare to achieve what’s never been done before.

Together, everything is possible

About Qatar Airways Group

Lịch tuyển dụng tiếp viên hàng không Qatar Airways tại Vietnam 2022

Our story started with four aircraft. Today, we deliver excellence across 12 different businesses coming together as one. We’ve grown fast, broken records and set trends that others follow. We don’t slow down by the fear of failure. Instead, we dare to achieve what’s never been done before.

So whether you’re creating a unique experience for our customers or innovating behind the scenes, every person contributes to our proud story. A story of spectacular growth and determination. Now is the time to bring your best ideas and passion to a place where your ambition will know no boundaries, and be part of a truly global community.

How to apply

Lịch tuyển dụng tiếp viên hàng không Qatar Airways tại Vietnam 2022

If you are interested in applying for this position, please upload your CV and complete the online application.

We encourage you to apply to the closest major city to your location.

Link ứng tuyển


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